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China’s Largest Coke Oven Gas and Methanol Production Project by Lanbo Jiang – iSnare Ezine.

China’s Largest Coke Oven Gas and Methanol Production Project by Lanbo Jiang – iSnare Ezine Articles

China's Largest Coke Oven Gas and Methanol Production Project by Lanbo Jiang - iSnare Ezine. dans gas detectorAfter 21 months of work and hard work, recently, Shanxi Tianji Luan Chemical Co., Ltd. produce 300,000 plenty of methanol project of coke oven gas well qualified refined methanol production. This is my first set put in operation the annual creation of 300,000 plenty of coke oven gas methanol project, marking the recycling of coke oven gas in China’s technology, scale and intensive degree, embarked with a new level. Annual production of 300,000 a lot of coke oven gas methanol project of Shanxi Tianji Coal Chemical Investment Co., Ltd. to implement the scientific notion of development, implementation with the ‘fat of simultaneously circulating efficiency’ development strategy, an essential measure.
Government of Shanxi Province because the project was a landmark industrial restructuring eight key projects is one from the leading recycling economy in Changzhi City project, Lucheng coke oven gas re-use hubs. Completion from the project, to promote and accelerate the pace of China’s coal chemical industry, new energy bases in Shanxi and Tianji Coal Chemical Group in promoting restructuring and development, improve local environmental quality, has crucial practical significance. Coke oven gas and methanol project is an energy saving project can turn waste into wealth, saving primary energy, to some extent solved the Lucheng regional coking enterprises prospects of coke oven gas, coke oven gas mitigation of pollution about the local environment and motivate the roll-out of related industries in line with the development direction of industrial restructuring in Shanxi Province.
In the project design scale recycling of coke oven gas 400 million cubic meters, designed plenty of methanol and comprehensive energy consumption 43.7GJ. Production of refined products 300,000 a great deal of methanol (in keeping with GB338-2004 standard), 11,000 tons benzene, ammonium sulfate, 10,000 tons, 8,000 tons of liquid argon, and also part of the sulfur, fusel oil by-products. This project uses the ash melting gasification and carbon accumulation, conversion of methane, heat exchange, PSA removal, low temperature methanol synthesis and the amount of such membrane separation and other advanced energy technologies, including gasification and carbon ash melting polyethylene, methane heat exchange Isothermal conversion and low pressure methanol synthesis technology has three patents of domestic intellectual property.
Production of methanol products (GB338-2004) standard, top quality, high efficiency and low cost. The project has a good environmental benefit, social and economic benefits. Shanxi Tianji Luan Chemical Co., Ltd. on December 15, 2006, was established from the Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Luan Environmental Energy Development Co., Ltd. and other shareholders of your partnership formed by Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group Share Limited holding new coal chemical industry.
Annual production of 300,000 a great deal of methanol project, in August 16, 2007 officially started construction. Construction, inside kind attention of city leaders in Shanxi Province, the strong support of shareholders and the board underneath the correct leadership, the establishment of the Project Construction Headquarters, unite and lead Quanti builders to ‘implement the scientific development concept and constructing a circular economy Park’ mission, firmly grasp the preparation stage, the civil engineering phase, installation phase, feed the main element node test phase, to get over the united states tightened money supply, factory heavy task scheduling difficulties, the international financial disaster caused from the heavy impact in the external environment difficult to take strong measures introducing ’4 3′ with the project management approach, that’s: during the construction phase, careful implementation from the grasp safety, ensuring quality, level of three indicators for assessment; will meet regularly to create headquarters scheduling, project supervision regular meeting the project will probably be three thematic coordination meetings; organized civil engineering Hundred Days Campaign, the installation in the Hundred Days Campaign, Battle of Three Hundred Days Battle of chemical test; in the test phase, a tiny test program organization unit, create the production of synthetic theater, empty points transformed the theater, three gas compression theater theater, a strong impetus for the progress of construction and commissioning, to ensure the smooth completion with the project place into production, developed a short duration, good quality, excellent safety gratifying results. gas detector During construction, the builders and vigorously carry forward the ‘self-improvement, practical innovation’ spirit of enterprise, strictly according to the ‘concentrate and strengthen the organization, make overall progress’ requirements of engineering construction guidelines, and unite to beat difficulties, tenacious struggle, emerged plenty of heroic deeds from the advanced model, focused on the staff show ‘solidarity and cooperation, unafraid of difficulties, the courage to sacrifice, and daring to win’ mental outlook, because the project safety, quality, time and energy to lay a solid foundation was put in production.
At present, the international financial crisis situation and market difficulties, Shanxi Tianji Luan Chemical Co., Ltd. determination of shareholders within the two-day spinal support and beneath the leadership with the Group, strengthen confidence, rose to the challenge, seize the chance solid work, and take practical action to open an excellent car, a fantastic start, go all the way to complete a fantastic job production and management work, with full enthusiasm to plant opened steady, open safe, open a new level, to be sure the security and stability of long-cycle plant run, create more economic benefits.I am a professional editor from China Products, and my jobs are to promote a no cost online trade platform. contain quite a lot of specifics of gas lift bar stools,toy sword and shield,anti dandruff shampoos, here you are at visit!

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